Thanks to our founder Mr ben Addo through generous sponsors and NGO’s who have made this multi purpose site a success.
Abetifi stone age park is a multi purpose site that tent to project the name of Ghana by been one of the best recretional and taurist site in the country. It airms at creating more employment  opotunity to the Ghanaian youth and lifting the heritage of Ghana High. It all started In 2013, where Dr. Derek Watson of the University of Ghana, Archeology department led an excavation work of a cave in the Bosompra Valley. Prior to this excavation works, the said cave had always been considered as sacred by the community. My contacts with Dr. Watson confirmed our unscientific curiosity. According to Dr.Watson, their findings were pointing to very fascinating facts that there has been human habitation and exploitation in the Cave some 13,000 years ago. This finding further propelled my ambition of seeking to the development of this heritage site which has been neglected for years, into a tourist attraction.
It is a fact of record that, prior to the most recent excavation by the
University of Ghana, Professor Thurston Shaw a British, led a team in 1940 to also conduct an excavation of the cave, and the findings and artifacts are recorded to have been presented to the University of Ghana Archeology department. It is worth noting that their findings also supported the current one. Attached is a YouTube link of an extensive documentary by GBC about the Bosompra cave. “https://www.youtube.com/embed/8CKnCx_UuwU” .

Mr.  Benjamin Addo is a 58yrs old professional artist. He is a native of Kwahu Abetifi. His professional career spans a period of 25yrs as an Art teacher in Germany. Within his career period he has achieved so much in the field of art, notable are some of his art works being displayed in various National Museums in Germany.